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American Traders Classic Wooden Canoes are built in our workshops in Canada to exacting standards by our master canoe builder, Alain Rheaum. Blending time-tested classic designs and the highest quality materials American Traders produces the finest wooden canoes available in the world today.

Honored by Wooden Boat Magazine with the Citation for Excellence Award, each boat is an expression of the heritage and age-old skills of the North American craftsman and our desire to produce timeless, elegant and graceful watercraft that are a joy to paddle and inspiring to look at.

American Traders' canoes are at home in the water or hanging from the rafters. If you dream of the sound of silence as you glide through the water in a traditional canvas canoe or just wish to gaze at the warmth of a beautiful red-cedar model  our canoes are a beautiful expression of our passion and commitment to the fine art of boat building. Click here to go to our Classic Canoe List.

Over the years, many of our customers have expressed a wish for smaller, display canoes, canoe bookcases and other furniture accessories. Click here to see our full line of Canoe furnishings.

Seneka tandem Canoe Lightweight & Specialty Canoes

Huron Canoe Skip & Jack Paddle Hidden Lake Casual Recreation & Sportsman Canoes

Atkinson Traveller Canoe - Brad in Maine Downriver & Wilderness Tripping Canoes

Skylark Square Stern Canoe -Tim and Kathleen out on Barton Cove Square Stern Canoes

American Traders New Canoe - CANADIAN TRIPPER

NEW for 2014... Canadian Tripper. Length 17'4" and weighing in at a mere 42lbs. E-fused epoxy Kevlar layup . This model takes it's elegant lines from the Atkinson Traveler and is the ultimate tripping canoe. Wood trim, contoured seats, and deep-dish yoke are all standard. Also available  are PROSPECTOR 15' & 16'6' Kevlar E-fusion models and the SPIRIT 16 Recreation canoe. We would like to get lots of these canoes out on the water, so please call for availability.

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